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In today’s post, we’ll cover some common red flags that should have you reaching for the phone to call the heating technicians on our team. No problems are really “minor” enough to ignore. The longer you wait to have them resolved, the more likely it becomes that they’ll do serious damage to your system. When in doubt, after ruling out any obvious catalysts, it is time to call in the pros. This protects both your comfort and your heater itself.


Portland Air duct cleaning. Is duct cleaning worth it?


This has always been a long-standing common phrase that can be applied to most situations, including duct cleaning, ductwork condition and indoor air quality.  On average, an air duct cleaning in Portland, OR (varies on the square feet of the house) can cost anywhere from $425 – $1,300 for cleaning, but diagnosis and repair costs for a improperly or poorly maintained system can cost four times as much.

Many homeowners experience satisfaction in knowing their household air duct work is clean, their families are protected… We take pleasure in making that happen. With your duct cleaning, you will also receive an Equipment Maintenance Tune-Up. And we offer a UV-Light Evap. Coil for a discounted price to our duct cleaning customers. By getting your ducts cleaned with us, you will receive MORE.


                   How is your indoor air quality? When to have your ductwork cleaned?

If you’re lucky enough to have central air, you probably don’t think about the air vents/ indoor air quality, bacteria problems, unless something goes wrong or the filter needs replacing. Changing out the filters once a month only solves half the problem, though, if the vent itself is just circulating dust and dander right back into your home. Home maintenance site Review Homes Warranties suggests cleaning your vents once or twice a year to keep the pathways clean. -indoor air quality. 


Cleaning vents at the beginning of spring and fall will help promote cleaner airflow throughout the year, but you should consider even more frequently—two or three times a year—if you have pets or individuals in the home with respiratory conditions like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. How to Clean Your Air Vents 


Portland ductwork cleaning company- GET DUCT CLEANING SCHEDULED WITH GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL HEATING AND COOLING CO.- Your Portland duct cleaning company

Global International CO is the leading resource for all things heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. We offer a variety of free resources to help you understand and best care for your HVAC systems and components. When you need individualized help for your home’s equipment, send us an email or schedule an appointment: contact@international-global.com. Our comfort consultants are on standby to assist you.

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