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Beaverton Furnace repair and air conditioning

We service all makes and models with on-call 24 HR emergency service in Beaverton, Oregon

hvac services in Beaverton
Beaverton Property Management Hvac 24 HR

24 HR Emergency Services- on the way to the rescue

Property management

From maintenance filter changes, Installation and Repair. Licensed, Bonded and Insured, Our equipment comes with 10 year parts warranty. Commercial and Residential. 

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Filter replacement maintenance in Beaverton

hvac maintenance

28 point furnace/AC Tune-ups

hvac repair services, Furnaces and air conditioning


Flat rate pricing. 24 HR emergency. Commercial/Residential. Online Booking.

Furnace Repair in Beaverton


10 year warranty. 20 year heat exchanger warranty.

air duct cleaning in beaverton, OR

Duct Cleaning

Eliminate Allergies, Improve indoor air quality. Reduce prescription costs.

commercial refrigeration in beaverton

Commercial Refrigeration

Walk-in coolers and Freezers

ultraviolet coil uv light-indoor air quality in beaverton

ultraviolet coil UV lights

Bulb germicidal ultraviolet lamp can kill mold and bacteria that may form on your indoor cooling coil.


Beaverton, Oregon


Beaverton, Oregon




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Duct cleaning Beaverton, OR

Throughout each year, dust, dirt, and debris will naturally find their way into the duct system in your home. This doesn't mean you are doing something wrong—it is just part of what happens when nature encounters man-made structures. Not only can dusty, dirty air create more housework as you continually clean away the dust only to have it as quickly return again and again, but also cozy, dusty vents and ducts with a nice lining of debris can attract rodents and other unwanted house guests who may be looking for a place to have a nest or spend the winter.

duct cleaning in beaverton

Furnace & Air Conditioning Repair in Beaverton, Oregon

Global International offers a variety of HVAC equipment to accommodate your home. This includes HERS-tested air conditioners and equipment that runs quietly and has high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios to guarantee cost-effective performance. Many devices feature a diagnostic system that can provide fast and accurate troubleshooting. It also shuts down the unit if problems that can damage the compressor are detected, oftentimes avoiding catastrophic failures and expensive repairs.

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