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How To Improve The Air Quality In Your Home During Covid-19- Heating and air Conditioning

Ultraviolet Lights – Heating and air conditioning

Global International is aware of the rough and uncertain year we are in. We sympathize with those whom have lost a loved one. Our company’s affection goes out to all of our sufferings customers. With over 72,221,634 “registered” Global cases in 2020, We are looking to keep you healthy. Global International Heating And Cooling CO is honored to provide promotions to its maintenance agreement customers. For us, Our members are priority, they receive an additional 15% off on parts, that’s another reason to inquire about our annual and semiannual maintenance agreement program. We Keep your duct clean, your coils fresh, and your are pure. By installing an Ultraviolet Light system we can kill any bacteria, germs and viruses. As well as eliminate any cooking smells, pet odor, and tobacco smoke. You and your family can finally enjoy clean air with every breathe. Heating and air conditioning at its finest.

Heating and air conditioning- Indoor air Quality

Dr. Neeta Ogden, an asthma, allergy, and immunology Doctor who has a private office, made public that she doesn’t believe enough people recognize how much their indoor air quality (IAQ) is in direct correlation to their respiratory health. She said people who have common conditions like seasonal allergies and asthma, as well as have a reactive airway, all need to be especially aware of indoor air quality (IAQ). “As an allergist, I’m concerned about how people maintain their home environment. In addition, Keeping things relatively clean in the sense of dust and dust mites around their bedroom and their home in general,” Ogden told Healthline. “I’m also focused on being thoughtful of inhaled triggers from smoke fires and wood-burning fireplace, about candles, especially during the holidays.”

Indoor air quality, Ultraviolet light
Heating and air conditioning- Indoor air quality

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A CLEANING CAN MAKE, you can feel it immediately!

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